How To Design Your Bathroom

When moving into a new home or just upgrading your current one, it takes some serious planning before doing any work to ensure budgets are worked to within and that it meets your expectations.

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, so getting it designed correctly is crucial to make sure it remains practical and beautiful for years to come.

When working out how to design your bathroom, there are three key steps to consider and follow. These are as follows:

  1. Make sure you measure your bathroom and get exact dimensions of the room, each window, floor and space you have within the room. Draw a little diagram of the space, the dimensions and where you want everything to go once you install the products.


  1. Browse across the internet to fins different products that you’ll need and see if you can find the product you want, for the price you want to pay.


  1. Save all of your items in your online baskets across the different sites you intend to use and match the images of them up to see how it will look once it is done.

Of course, a lot of what you want in your bathroom might change as you browse through different products, but it is always good to go in with the mind set of what styles you want and where you want the different products to go.

One of the most important things to think about is utilising the space you have – the bath is the most important aspect of your bathroom and can often be the centrepiece to create a luxury bathing experience.

Because the bath is so important, it is worth doing your research; watch some videos, go to a shop and sit in the bath and even look at different shapes and styles.

Here is an example of the sorts of videos you can watch to get a better idea of what the bath looks like (below).

Although, it is always worth trying to go and look at the bath first hand too, because that way you get a better understanding of how it looks and how it will fit with your other décor. Don’t make any quick decisions and do your research.

The bath isn’t the only aspect of the bathroom that you need to think about when designing it though, and other things include the flooring, the walls, the basin, the sink and the colour theme. Take your time over choosing these too, because you will want the whole room to flow effortlessly, and not look like chalk and cheese.

The flooring and the walls are two aspects that need to be thought about first to be honest, and it can be difficult to work out which solution will suit you best. The flooring needs to be practical, easy to clean and it needs to look good too. Tiles are usually good for this, but choosing tiles is extremely difficult. Here are some guides and advice on tiles.

When designing your bathroom, be sure to design it to be as efficient as possible. A small space cluttered by a large vanity or bath will become a nuisance, so keep it simple. But your bathroom should be energy efficient as well. Utilizing low flow toilets, faucets, and a water flow measurement device will help you save money by not wasting water. Energy efficient LED light bulbs and radiant heat will keep your electric bills down. Your new bathroom should not put a strain on your energy bills.

To make the whole process of designing your bathroom easier, you could always look to use a Bathroom Planner, like this one, and really get a sense of how it will look once it is done. You can get a look at your bathroom in 3D, so you really get a sense of accuracy and can see how your different products will look together – if they don’t look right, you can change it without making any purchases.

As mentioned previously though, take your time because the planning of the bathroom is definitely the most important aspect of any buying decision. Budget is also important – according to Which? A budget bathroom installed will cost you about £2,500, while a luxurious bathroom will cost around £6,500. This is a good guide to help you determine how much you will be likely to spend when designing your bathroom.

You should enjoy designing your bathroom and we hope these guides and tips will help the process run smoothly. Good luck!