Things to Consider Before Buying a Wall Bracket for Your TV

Mounting your large flat screen TV on your wall generally is a good idea. It looks good to have it on the wall; you save valuable space, protect the TV from small children and position the unit in a location where people in the room have a good view of the screen.

While mounting the TV on the wall is an ideal solution, some things should be considered to ensure that you can access the ports, connect various components and see to it that the various cables do not mar the overall aesthetics of the entertainment room.

To ensure the safety of the flat screen television and see to it that it is secure when mounted, you need to purchase a VESA-rated TV wall mount. VESA sets the standard for wall mounting systems and TV brackets and major brands have adopted the system.

Here are the things you should consider before making a purchase.

1. Think of the components

Most people use their flat screen television for other forms of visual entertainment aside from watching news and movies. They are also important components of an office’s audiovisual room. Thus, it is common to see various electronic devices hooked up to the TV. Where are you going to place all the devices so that their cables can reach the output ports of the TV?

2. Concealing the cables

The cables of various components, as well as the power cord of the television can be messy when they are tangled and dangling from the TV. While you cannot do away with the cables, consider their aesthetics, too. It would be better if they are concealed or else gathered in one neat bundle. Purchase a cable cover to help disguise them.

3. Strength of your walls

Even if the flat screen TV is lighter than traditional TV models, it still has considerable weight. Before you buy a wall bracket, check your wall first. The location should have studs where the screws will be anchored. It is not advisable to mount your TV on a drywall as the anchors will come off in no time and your unit will fall. The wall should be strong and solid in order to support the weight of the TV.

4. Access to the TV’s ports

Different TV models and brands differ in where the ports are located. Some are on the side and some are at the back. If it is the latter, purchase a TV bracket that is capable of telescoping outward. This feature will allow better and easier access to the back of your unit. Otherwise you will have to remove the TV set from its mount each time you have to connect another device.

These tips are meant to help you in buying the right TV wall mount for your flat screen TV.