Top ten Should have Home decorating


When it comes to owning a home, most people are now trying to express themselves rather than owning a cookie-cutter, builder grade house. The home renovation industry is booming lately, with people pouring money into changing the curb appeal of their house to stand out amongst the others on the block. Investing money to work with companies like Seneca Creek Home Improvement will make your house renovation free of hassle. They can change features of your home like windows, the roof, and the siding.

But now that you have a little more curb appeal, it’s time to start accessorizing! Sometimes the smallest things can go a long way. Everyone has their own style, but you may not have the eye for design that may be required. Consult with a local interior designer for help. Once you have chosen your design style, begin to explore decorating shops, outlets or even the local flea market. Be aware though, that many home decoration shops feature high end products, so if you want to decorate on a budget, search the internet for similar products at a cheaper pricetag.

Here are 10 top decoration ideas to include in and around your home.

  1. Picture frames — we all want to capture life’s unforgettable moments, but framing them will make the memories last forever. Look for picture frames with beveled edges, non-traditional patterns, and fun textures for the kid’s play room.
  2. Flower pots – A nice planter can be a great addition to any room of your home, from the living room, to the kitchen, or even a terracotta planter for your backyard.
  3. Walls clocks — most wall clocks are more for decoration rather than for telling time. Consider a Cuckoo clock to give a vintage feel to the space.
  4. Walls hangings — This is a broad category, but consider tapestries, carpets and flags, or even something rustic like driftwood, cedar planks, or old signs.
  5. Metallic figurines — Brass, copper, or other metallic idols associated with gods or other religious figures can be nice accents to your living room, library, or even your front yard.
  6. Local art – Art comes in all types of mediums, like oil paintings, pencil drawings, or stained glass. Look to support your local community by purchasing things to support students or other up-and-coming artists.
  7. Ornamental mirrors — Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, and they are not meant just for looking at your reflection. A series of decorative mirrors can not only fill an empty wall, but also make the room appear to be larger.
  8. Lamps – Natural light provided by windows is often ideal for a homeowner, but lamps are a crucial addition to any room as well. They may act as a focal piece, emphasize something you hung on the wall, or simply brighten a dark room.
  9. Carpeting and Carpets – Whether you have hardwood floors, tiles, or carpeting throughout, a small area rug can serve as a great accent piece for any space. Consider adding one to your living room to define a sitting area.
  10. Furniture – Home furniture varies greatly with style. From wooden to plastic, metal frame to glass, the opportunities to express your style are endless. Consider a different type of furniture for every room. Maybe have wicker furniture on your front porch to accent your new roof, wooden furniture in the living room, and something easy to clean for the kitchen.

When it comes to shopping around for your decorations, you need to keep an open mind, but keep your own style as priority as well. Investing in a home means renovations and decorating, and one cannot happen without the other.